Home » Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics) | lost without you lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert

Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics) | lost without you lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert

Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics) | Viele gute Lieder findet ihr hier

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Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics)

Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics)

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Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics)

lost without you lyrics.

49 thoughts on “Freya Ridings ~ Lost Without You (Lyrics) | lost without you lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert”

  1. There's a Special Man, that wanted me too listen to this song! We've never met in person, But! I have these feelings for him a total stranger we've spoke on line a few times. I just want him too know how I really feel, But! I'm not sure because we are from different countries, I just want thin to know that I heard the words to this beautiful song, and I feel like maybe he wanted me to hear.these words for a reason or maybe wishful thinking on my side of the world, So! Bobbi I heard! And I do care for you! Just don't let me go! ♡ Sandy♡♡♡♡

  2. Ever since my father passed away on December 8, 2020, I've come to realize how much he has done for me, when before my father passed away, i took him for granted. I cherish everyone I have now and spend time with my family that I didn't get with my father. Only when someone is gone do you realize how much he has done for you.

  3. I listen to this song and cry every time….when I remember my mother who passed after an eight year battle with Parkinson's…being human is sometimes the biggest punishment

  4. i listen to this song whenever i need to have a good cry. i lost my nan 2 years ago but the pain is still so raw. this song makes me think of how much i still need her 🙁

  5. Lost my son on xmas eve 2020 he was to turn 19 this yr😢😢😢and whenever i listen to this song tears rolls down my cheeks 😭😭coz i feel like his story is told in this song…rest in peace son u will forever be in my heart💞💞💞

  6. I heard this song on a TV dance show, Revolution. The song got my to the core of my heart. I miss my mother. She passed away. I miss her and think of her every day. I knew she is with me but I miss her laughter, our conversations and just acting silly with me. She was only 60 years old. This song made me cry. It reached down inside me and brought out deep emotions of pain.
    I know she is healthy and happy in Heaven. I know she was not long for this world. Blessings to all the people reading this who has lost someone you loved dearly. You will meet one day. Peace.

  7. hey u i just want to tell u u are amazing the way u are they are nothing compared to you and you are so so so strong. I believe in you.
    Yes its so hard right now but just know there gonna regret it and run back and you say NO.
    I love you so much. If u ever feel worthless just know that i’m always here to talk.
    You can be who you want to be and no one can change that.
    You are confident and your smile makes everyone else smile.
    Just remember to dance the pain away love
    I love you. <3

  8. I love you so much but I know you are better without me … I wish that would be a small chance to keep you in my life … but in my heart there will be always a special place for you.

  9. I remember my dog got put down 2 months. The day he got put down it was the worst day off my life.i remember waking up that morning.i said goodbye to him and went to school and I broke down into tears in my dad's arms when he picked me up.i locked myself in my room and refused to eat. I miss him to this day. I am 10

  10. My girlfriend lost her Granda 6 months ago and every time this song comes on she cries so much I can see her pain as she was so close to him and she is broken 😭 I just want to make sure she is okay and she keeps saying she hopes he is proud of what she has achieved 😭 and I know he would be x

  11. i miss my bestfriend and girlfriend, we broke up about a year ago and i still can't get over her, i met so many new people but couldn't find a person that matches my energy like she did, we were soulmates and twin flames all at once, goshhh this song brought back painful feelings

  12. Losing you Kimberlie, im lost without you! I wish I could rewind that day and I would have been with you and you would still be here with me today. I'll always love you! I'll never forget you! 12.31.20

  13. i miss you dad, i know that in 4 years ill see you again, but these past 7 years have been too hard, i cant tell if i have it worse or better than my little brothers who ive only met a couple times, i had more time with u than they did, but that time is just more for me to miss, in a way im lucky to have had that time with you that they never did, but holding myself together without you is so hard. i lost u at 6years old, and have been lost every day since… after losing you i wasnt able to see my little brothers anymore.. and then i wasnt able to see any of my family because they all live so far away, all i had holding me together was my stepfamily, but in november of 2019 i moved 9 hours away and lost them too, i now have no one but my immediate family and i dont know how much longer i can fake this smile that i paste to my face every day. i know that i love and miss you, but im also mad at you, why, why did you do this to me, whyd u do it dad, you left me and my brothers fatherless. my two younger brothers and i all have different moms, jack has nessa, tommy has mary, and i have my mom, but my heart has been shattered by loss too many times for me to handle. ive recently gained a new problem, my anxiety grows every day, and im worried that when you get out that everything will change and what if it doesnt work, and you go away again, i dont know what im going to do, but i know that i cant take much more. im not suicidal or anything, but i need help. i have yet to be diagnosed with anything but thats only because after all this time of faking every fucking smile for years my step dads been thinking that im fine and lying for attention, which i would NEVER do, so now any time i build up the courage to say somethings wrong and that i really need help, im ignored or my problem is forgotten and nothing ever gets done about it..

    i just want my family back.. or at least my dad.

  14. I listened to this song continuiously last year after my miscarrige and it because it reminded me of my bestfriend, Now they have both blessed me with a soon to be rainbow baby.. Sarah Louise 28.02.1992 – 04.05.2019 ❤ Baby Derricott 10.04.2020

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