Home » the neighbourhood – daddy issues (remix) (lyrics) | daddy issues lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert

the neighbourhood – daddy issues (remix) (lyrics) | daddy issues lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert

the neighbourhood – daddy issues (remix) (lyrics) | Viele gute Lieder findet ihr hier

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the neighbourhood - daddy issues (remix) (lyrics)

the neighbourhood – daddy issues (remix) (lyrics)

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the neighbourhood – daddy issues (remix) (lyrics)

daddy issues lyrics.

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  1. i love my dad but it was always hard for me when i was younger i was constantly yelled at and hit i watched the way my dads anger took over him he would break things punch holes i was scared of him i still cant look him in the eyes. constantly i am told how i ruined my parents marriage that everything is my fault when i was only a kid when it happened how could i have done so bad to make my parents feel this way about me. i was always called names and told how he cant wait for me to leave and how im a waste and useless i took my anger out on my mom which made my dad hate me even more he would yell once and i would start shaking and not be able to move i was scared of how mean and angry he could get i hated seeing my brother sad because of this even he started to not like me and blamed me for the problems which wasnt easy since he means the world to me. my parents would both always leave and i would be terrified they wouldn’t come home my mom even told me she thought about killing herself when she left once it was so painful to hear. i try so hard to fix things i feel like im the broken piece the one who cant get it right. everyday after something happened we would ignore it i never grew up with family dinners we were always so disconnected my dad wouldn’t eat with us and eventually we would sit in our rooms to eat my dad slept all day and after work would take things out on me because he had a hard day. i remember one time he threw a huge fight at my grandparents and said how he hated me and i was evil and was the cause if every problem and my grandparents said how could you hate a child shes your daughter but its like it doesn’t matter to him i want to have a good bond with my dad i truly do but one thing sets him off and its like a bomb he explodes and ruins the mood im unsure why my dad is like this i know his father was disconnected and busy with work but my dad is trying and i accidentally come off rude and he gets sad i can tell how upset he looks he feels bad i can tell but its so hard for me. i ask my mother why doesnt daddy love me why does he hate me so much and shes just like he loves you but he seems like he hates me. i feel like my dad is around but not there he wouldnt take me places drive me to a friends my mom did all that stuff parties my mom had to make up and excuse to why he didnt come he was embarrassing why couldnt my dad show up? im trying to get closer to him and i hope i can he tries to tell me he loves me and all that but healing takes awhile i feel like he takes things out on me and is harder to me because im just like him im like his mirror and he doesn’t like what he sees and hurts me because of his flaws. ive never talked to people about this since i dont want people to see him as a bad person he isnt he cares about the world and animals and big movements he just doesn’t know how to control himself and he wasnt sure how to be a dad since his dad wasn’t always there and he wasnt prepared for a kid. i love my dad i always will i forgive him no matter what but trying to get comfortable around him and have a better bond takes awhile but i hope we can grow together but i still had lots of trauma and still do i barely remember anything because i try to forgot anything bad so now i have bad memory i just hope if anyone is in this situation to try and forgive i think that’s the best thing yes he caused everyone pain and i did too but i dont you should ever stay mad at someone forever and you are an amazing person and you deserve the best and to be happy and feel worthy i hope whenever you see this you have a great day or night and if you need support, advice, help or just someone to listen you can always talk to me! you are all valid and i hope you get to a healing process soon! i love each and everyone one of you who stopped to read this long paragraph.

    – <3

  2. “You know what your mama went thru” THIS PART JUST HITS ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I always felt guilty that my mom had to my confront my dad over his anger issues and holy hell, I didn’t know I had daddy issues until I heard this song

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