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Willie Nelson – That's Life (Official Lyric Video) | that’s life lyrics | Neue Musik hier aktualisiert

by Mein GroBer

Willie Nelson – That's Life (Official Lyric Video) | Viele gute Lieder findet ihr hier

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Willie Nelson - That's Life (Official Lyric Video)

Willie Nelson – That's Life (Official Lyric Video)

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“That’s Life” by Willie Nelson Listen to Willie Nelson: Subscribe to the official Willie Nelson YouTube channel: …

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Willie Nelson – That's Life (Official Lyric Video)

that’s life lyrics.

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Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Great!!…. This song can be played in the Key of  “Eb”  so follow along. I would love to make a cover of your/this tune …. with me adding my twit with my harmonica  … in my style ….. Look for a cover from me. Eli  541-324-8981 call

Mara Karetsos 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm


Maria Eugenia Petrocelli 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Yesterday when I was young is a beatifull song….all the are good

M Ridlon 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

That moment when you get so sick & tired of your circle jerk of a therapist giving you the same regurgitated advice, week in & week out…

Steven Warner 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

MMmmmmmm….. The legend. Always and forever.

Mary Anne Carson 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Wonderful song, wonderful singer. This is the best.

Peter Cunnius 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Heard the interview today with Willie and Nancy Sinatra and others on the Dallas Wayne sirus XM Willies roadhouse channel 59. Will be buying CD this weekend! Thank you Willie and Happy 88th!

Jenn Ross 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

*Happy Birthday Mr. Willie Nelson* Lots of love.
Whoever painted that has a great talent; beautiful.

Tonny 'Wild' Weasel 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm


Steffen Pollex 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Could it be this song first came to my ears by Frank Sinatra? Or am I totally wrong? I'm really not sure. May someone reply with the right answer, please? 🙂

Lorna J Bartlett 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Love it over and over again! 💞😉❌🔵❌

Thomas Clark 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I have just bought this new album of WILLIE'S for my collection. It is as usual "EXCELLENT". WILLIE NEVER DISAPOINTS. HAPPY BELATED 88TH BIRTHDAY. Thanks for the music. Love you and your sister BOBBIE and the band. ❤️💕🤠🎶🎸<——Trigger + the hole. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ENGLAND LOVES YOU.

Ewa Andrzejak 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

żyć z piosenkami Willie Nelsona – do wielki dar jaki można sobie wymarzyć 🙂 pozdrawiam i bardzo dziękuję za muzykę *

payten 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I Have a special glass mic it shatters when I drop it The shattered Mic Drop 💔🍷🎤 I leave scars instead of smashed guitars

Shirley Mariano 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Eu adoro ouvir suas músicas

Richard Carew 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

there is some serious misinformation about having a few years under yer belt… have y'all noticed that Willy Nelson feller… no kidding.. he actually is getting better looking every day

Lee Stimson 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Willie, what a fantastic tune. I'm a multi concert attender of yours and this song with your voice & style is so right on!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaa!!!

Toad 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

very funny !!!!

Adam Nicholson 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

The amount of art in this video

Jing Soo Cho 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm


Mar Luna 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Creo que willie es capaz de convertir
Una canción de cuna en algo
Verdaderamente especial

Jemo Everdome 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

turning a jazz song into a country is one of the great things especially when the singer is one of the legendary country singers

Center for Integrated Healing Arts 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Your tenacity to make your voice do what it used to, to the best of your ability, is what I’m most proud of. No singer has fought to keep it alive more than you. You know that.

Delta Rosetto 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Sing To Me Willie! Love This! ❤U

Rso123 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

He’s the Vinnie Stigma of country music! Go willie👍🏻

Planet Earth 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Willie is a living legend, and this rendition of Sinatra's song, is fantastic.

Giavanna 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

My favorite Sinatra song❤️

Russ Callery 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Hey Willie. Listening now. Great job t everyone involved. THANX

Chris Werle 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

What a great blues song. I just love it. Good work! God bless you, Willie Nelson.

Brigitte März 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Stay safe, dear Willy…love your music…thank you for all music.. so the highwaymen…greatings vom germany…

Raz 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

First version of this I heard was David Lee Roth🤗

Semi Silesian 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I´m sitting here on my chair and i´m doing nothing (but i like it) -except listening to such good music !!! -You´ve done a great job-thanks a lot for it !!

Dana Slattery 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Lol even Willie Nelson's portraitist screenshots from iStock… 1:54

Irene Hillier 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Please consider releasing a karaoke version of the song plus the others on the same album

Paul Dobrinski 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I still prefer Frankie's version, but still Willie does a pretty good job here 🙂

C S 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

Willie Nelson, my man of Joy…"Be here Be present…Wherever you are, be there"…thank you for being.

Alien Cat Tweets 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I've had this on Pre-order since December, can't wait to get it! I grew up listening to your music and my mom is a SUPERFAN! I always get her all of your new releases (and the T-shirts and Hoodies) so she never worries about missing out. 💜💚

Pamela Lovejoy 31/07/2021 - 7:09 pm

I was so excited about Willie doing this album. Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer. And Willie comes second. Who doesn't like Willie Nelson ? People enjoy his music. And have a good day.

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